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Online or In-Person Coaching

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

I offer personalized plans for both training and nutrition to help people reach their health and wellness goals. I offer 1:1 personal training both in person and virtually, virtual nutrition coaching, and have a monthly subscription called Stronger, Healthier, You. 

I also recently started offering 1:1 or small group IN-PERSON training sessions in Concord, NH!

Helping you find success on your wellness journey

Ways to Work With Me

Nutrition Coaching

Whether you want to eat healthier to feel better, have weight loss goals, or want to learn to fuel your body for your level of activity and lifestyle, I can help! I offer customized nutrition plans based on your food preferences to help you meet your goals.

Virtual Personal Training

Get your own workout program based on what equipment is available to you, your experience level, and your fitness goals. The plan is completely catered to your individual needs and meets you where you are at as far as your fitness level!

Stronger, Healthier, You

A monthly membership subscription that includes:

-Three strength workouts per week

-Weekly nutrition challenges

-Access to a group chat for resources and accountability

-Access to message me with questions 

-Track your progress right in the app!

In-Person Personal Training

I now offer in person training sessions in Concord, NH at the Live Life to the Fittest studio! Great for if you need more accountability, are new to working out, or just want a next level challenge with in-person workouts.

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