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From Hesitant to Confident In 2 Months

A friend and client came to me with a goal and a timeline she wanted to reach that goal. She felt like she didn't like the way she looked and was discouraged that she had gained weight since her wedding. She told me, "Seeing 173 on the scale. I had been avoiding weighing myself but I could tell I was gaining weight. When they put that in my chart for surgery I knew I had to make changes or it was going to keep going up."

Now, they had a belated honeymoon booked at a resort, and she just wanted to be able to feel confident in a bathing suit and truly enjoy that time with her husband. While we were talking about her goals and what steps would get her there, she informed me that she does not like exercising, and under no circumstances would she take up running. And while internally I was seeing that as a challenge to convince her to like running with me, I told her that she could accomplish this without having to become a runner! We knew she wanted some accountability to stay on track and planned accordingly...

I developed her plan, which included increasing her daily movement, strength training 3 times a week (although, she openly admitted to not always completing every workout), and increasing her water intake. She lives locally, so we met once a week for one of her strength training sessions and she did two workouts that I had planned for her at home.

This particular friend and client had a goal weight in mind before leaving for the honeymoon, which was just over 3 months away... well, she met her goal in only 2 months! With these small steps, she lost 17 lbs and had to buy some new clothing because her pants wouldn't fit her!

“It’s been awesome. Sam meets me where I’m at and cheers on even the small bits of progress. I’ve never felt like I was ‘bad’ at this (even when I could only lift 5 lbs), which I was worried about. She has made making progress easy and I almost enjoy working out.”

We looked at her goal, made a realistic plan, and helped her to get there with small changes to her already busy routine.

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