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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • I want to have plenty of energy to get through my busy days

  • I want to learn more about what a balanced and delicious diet looks like

  • I want to invest time and energy in myself and my health

You are not alone! I’m here to share recipes, tips/tricks, and inspiration that helps my clients to reach their nutrition and lifestyle goals.


I’m Sam Weaver, a certified NASM Nutrition coach and Special Education Teacher, and it is my passion to help others see how their lives improve when they learn to fuel their body correctly. In December 2020, I started my own wellness journey and it made such an impact on my overall happiness and health that I want others to experience the same thing.

You may still be curious about me, so here are a few details:
  • I’m a Special Education Teacher in a small town in NH and I LOVE my job.

  • I really enjoy exercising. It’s my “me time” where I get to focus on myself, block out my responsibilities, and see what new things my body can do.

  • I live with my husband, Llew, and my dog, Kajah, in a very small town.

  • I’m a nerd. I’m always either reading a book, doing professional development in the area of education, or trying to learn something new. Right now I’m working on becoming a Certified Personal Trainer!

Leave a comment about yourself, I can't wait to hear more about you! And don't forget to subscribe!


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It seems the internet has an insatiable appetite for guidance related to health and wellness. I am excited to share my wealth of evidence-based knowledge as well as personal tips I've picked up along the way of my own wellness journey. 

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