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My Favorite Macro-Friendly Condiments/Sauces

Adding flavors to your meals doesn't have to break your macro bank! And you don't need to eat boring food to stay on track. Here are some of my favorite ways to add flavors to meals without adding tons of calories:

  • Almost anything G. Hughes makes— I love their sugar free BBQ sauces, the Teriyaki, and they have other marinades and flavors!

  • Frank's RedHot sauce - add that buffalo flavor with minimal calories!

  • Tzatsiki - there are only 25 calories in 2 tablespoons! You can add it to a wrap, or dip veggies or crackers in it for a snack.

  • Low sugar or no sugar condiments (ketchup, mustard) - still use your favorite condiments just look for low or no sugar options. If you opt for mayo or sour cream, just make sure you account for those in your calories because they're higher in fat.

  • Salsa - You can add it to egg whites or your burrito bowl and 100g has only 36 calories!

Need some Macro-friendly meal ideas? Check out my pre-made meal plans! Stay on track and meet your goals without the higher cost of 1:1 coaching.


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