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Patience and Persistence

In the spring, I coach a varsity girls lacrosse team. We only have a few weeks left of the season and it's starting to get warm out so we're all wearing shorts and tanks or t shirts to practice. At practice yesterday, one of the players commented that she wants to have more muscle like I do. My first thought is THANK YOU because I LOVE being recognized for being strong instead of skinny, especially by a teen girl because health > aesthetics. But do you know my response to her?

Eat enough and lift weights.

I stand by that response, but I wish I had added one more thing (luckily, I'll see her tomorrow and can amend my answer)...

Also, have patience!

When I'm talking to clients I am constantly reminding them to stick with it and trust the process, the results will come. I sometimes forget how long it took for me to get where I am, too. 2020 is when I started lifting weights following a structured program and really dialing in my nutrition. It has been 4 years of consistent time in the gym and with my nutrition (mostly, I mean a girl's gotta live) on point.

If you follow me on social media, you'll see my before and afters in some of my posts. But you'll also see that in 2020 I was about 25lbs heavier, then in 2022 I was at my leanest, and now in 2024 I weigh more than in 2022 but have more strength and muscle mass and I like the way I look more. It took a long time to get to where I am now, but that also means I built up consistent habits that help me to feel great and 4 years later I have kept that weight off and am happy in my body.

So TRUST THE PROCESS. Stay consistent with the gym and with your nutrition. That doesn't mean it needs to be perfect every single day, that's not sustainable. It means have the big picture in mind and keep showing up for yourself every day. HAVE PATIENCE!


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