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School's Out (Almost)

As a full time Special Education Teacher, we are approaching my favorite time of year - Summer Vacation. I have one week left of school then I'm only working part time, and on a very flexible schedule, until the end of August. (If you live in NH and are looking for a personal trainer, I have room to train in person this summer 😉)

After a VERY busy spring coaching a varsity lacrosse team, teaching, and still having some clients, I'm SO ready for a little down time this summer and a more relaxed schedule. I am going into this summer with a few goals:

  1. RELAX, REST, AND RECOVER - As I said, it was a very busy spring and I'm not even sure how I managed to get everything done without losing my mind. I will be making sure I read books, spend time in the sun, and don't set any alarms for 4am!

  2. Do better at being present on my social media - Because life was so busy, I was a lot less present on Instagram (@sweaverwellness) than I usually am. Which was exactly what I needed, but I'm ready to be more engaged with my online community and share what's going on this summer!

  3. Hit my nutrition goals - Not sure about you, but summer and downtime equal more BBQs, more days on the lake, and less consistency with my meals. My personal goal is to make sure I get in all my protein/fruits/veggies, while still enjoying myself. As a part of this, my goal is to have less alcohol than I have in past summers. It doesn't mean I won't enjoy foods I like or have alcohol, I'm just challenging myself to be mindful about it so I can still work towards my goals.

What are you working on this summer?


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