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The Power of Rest

Okay, this post is as much of a reminder for myself as it is for sharing information with you all...

I have a tendency to overdo it, I like my training schedule and I sometimes forget that life stress and having an extra busy schedule might mean I need to scale back on lifting/running to make sure I stay healthy and can be consistent long term with my fitness goals.

Rest and recovery is a HUGE part of reaching health and fitness goals. If you don't recover properly you risk injury or even illness. If you get sick or injured, you're not able to be consistent with your workouts.

It's also essential in general when talking about building muscle because when you workout you actually break down your muscle tissue, but then during recovery it heals and grows to allow you to build muscles.

One more reason to prioritize rest is that if you give yourself enough time to recover, you can then push harder in your next workout and get the most out of it.

So basically, make sure you're balancing rest days with workout days to get the best results!


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