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Unlocking the Benefits of Volume Eating

Volume eating sounds great, right? The concept is basically eating more food, but without eating too many calories. The trick is to find foods that you can eat more of without going over your calorie target, and still feeling satisfied after your meal.

You've probably seen the posts where people show how many calories are in one cookie right next to a picture of how many strawberries you could eat for the same amount of calories, this is kind of that concept... although I'm all for balance and finding a way to fit that cookie into your macros if that's what you really want!

SO volume eating is about choosing foods that will make you full... things that contribute to satiety are:

  • protein

  • fiber

  • water content

If a food is high in those things, chances are you can eat more of it for fewer calories!

My favorite volume foods:

  • potatoes (but not fried ones, sorry but french fries don't count)

  • oatmeal

  • fish/meat

  • greek yogurt

  • fruits and veggies

  • popcorn (my personal favorite)

If you need more support with finding ways to hit your calorie goal and feel full, check out my meal plan for specific calorie counts here!


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