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Unlocking the Secret to Consistency: How to Stay on Track with Your Goals

Okay, so the key to actually reaching your goals is staying consistent with your healthy habits, right? But how many of you have gone all in with a strict diet and working out 5 (or more) times a week only to fall off the wagon after a week or two?

Want to know the secret to ACTUALLY being able to stick to your nutrition and workout plan?

Set realistic goals. Take small steps.

That's it. Trying to overhaul your entire routine at once isn't exactly realistic, but what if you could set a goal of working out 2 or 3 times per week for 30 minutes? Once you're in a routine with that, what if you set a goal of increasing your daily step count by 2,000 steps? Those are reasonable goals you can focus on, one at a time so that you can stick to them. And when you can stick to them, you stay consistent with your habits and end up seeing the results you're looking for.

Seeing success with that one habit is SUPER motivating and you feel great that you followed through for YOU so you're excited to add on the next aspect. It's also way easier to think about one change at a time instead of trying to nail all the changes at once.

If you want to get started with tracking healthy habits, download my FREE Healthier, You Habit Tracker. See how consistent you can be with some basic healthy habits and go from there!


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