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When Life Gets In The Way of Workouts...

This topic hit me hard recently so I figured I would share my thoughts since I've heard similar comments from clients. I also start coaching a varsity girls lacrosse team soon, so life is about to get crazy busy until the end of May.

It can be really challenging to stay consistent with workouts if your schedule isn't the same every week. For me, sometimes an "off" day with my RA can make it so I can't (or shouldn't) workout. While making sure to schedule your workouts and prioritize taking care of yourself is key to staying consistent, there are some times that you just have to be flexible and willing to adjust.

I have found that working out in the morning works best for me. I don't have the energy to do it after a day of school. But, for someone with a chronic illness, sometimes the mornings are when I feel the worst. So I like to map out what workouts I plan to do for the week (strength training and running), but allow myself some flexibility about what days to get them done.

This also means I'm not planning 6 workouts a week, because I have found that can be overdoing it for me when I have a lot going on. I know I feel best when I lift weights 4 days, and run 4 days. Most people can see great results with strength training 2-3 days a week if that's all they can commit to. And it allows them some flexibility to get them in around their busy week!

Today is a day that I opted for some extra sleep over a workout, so I'll just move my planned exercise to another day. Want to track your consistency with working out and see if you can manage 2-3 times a week? You can download my free Healthier, You habit tracker here!


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