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Why You'll Never Have Your Ideal Body

I know, I know, not what you expected to read, but hear me out.

You made a New Years Resolution or set a goal related to how you look or the number on the scale right?

What happens when you actually reach that goal? Are you just done? Nope! You set a new goal to work towards, so you'll never have your ideal body because you're always working towards the next goal.

Or what happens if you don't reach that goal? Or realize that goal was unrealistic for where you are at? You can definitely set a goal to lose weight, and for some people that will help them improve their health.

But what about setting a goal around the process of being healthier?

Set a goal like:

  • Workout 3 days a week

  • Pack your lunches 4 days a week

  • Hit 8,000 steps a day

  • Hit your goal for water intake at least 4 days a week

  • Plan out your meals every weekend

Those are all process goals that help you develop healthy habits that improve your health long term. It's not just about the number on the scale going down. Don't get me wrong, that feels great, too! But appreciate where you are at and what steps you can take to improve your health.

As someone who hasn't always been able to, I appreciate that I'm able to lift weights and train for races because of the process goals along the way. And I feel more confident after reaching some of the goals I have set for myself throughout my wellness journey.

While you may still have a goal number for the scale, I would suggest setting process goals along the way to help you lose weight or perform better in your athletic endeavors. It feels really good to hit those process goals as the weeks go by, especially if your progress with the scale stalls.


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