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Eat Well, Be Well

I used to wake up dreading my day. I was still tired every morning, I was swollen and in pain. I never knew when I would feel okay and when I wouldn't want to leave my bed.


Let's face it, autoimmune diseases are a bitch. Not even the disease itself, but often times the lack of support and understanding from doctors who don't always listen, and even friends and family who mean well but just don't understand.

What if I said I could help you find a better baseline for your health and wellness? I promise it's not bullshit, it's all evidence-based science (and I cite my sources), and it has helped me and all my past clients improve their lives.

I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you have to give up the foods you love because of your autoimmune disease—but it doesn't have to be that way! Eating well doesn't mean giving up everything you love; it just means making small changes here and there so that by the end of the day, you've eaten enough good stuff to feel nourished and energized. You know what they say: "You are what you eat!"

This is me before and after learning how to take care of my body and my RA. Not pictured is that it also

-reduce brain fog

-reduce fatigue

-have more energy

-lose weight

-reduce flare ups

It had such a positive impact on my life that I started this business alongside my teaching job to help other autoimmune warriors like me.

Here's the deal

  • Starts 11/7 to help you get through the meany meals of the holiday season

  • 12 week, in-depth Nutrition Course Group Nutrition Coaching

  • Personalized Macros

  • Meal Prep Guide Macro Tracking Guide

  • Access to my VIP SWWN Facebook Group 

  • Weekly Office Hours

  • Support from me via text

  • Grocery and Meal Planners Recipes

All of this for $319

PLUS the first 5 people that sign up will get a FREE at home workout guide that is specifically designed to help strengthen the muscles around your joints and reduce inflammation.

That means more energy, less brain fog (that feeling like you've got cotton in your head), and a better chance at beating back symptoms like joint pain and fatigue. In other words: we're not just providing meal info—we're making it easier for you to feel good every day! 

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