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SWWN Services

Providing different levels of support to help you succeed with your wellness journey

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1:1 Coaching

This includes an initial consult and inventory of your current food preferences, health concerns, and activity level. A customized meal plan based on your preferences and goals will be provided. While you're implementing the plan, I help you stay on track with accountability check-ins and adjustments to the plan as needed. Reach out at any time with questions or for extra support!

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Eat Well, Be Well Program

My 12-week signature program includes access to an online course to learn more about what to eat and when, meal prepping, navigating social situations, reading nutrition labels, and more! You also get customized macro calculations, example meal plans, weekly check-in calls, and access to my VIP Facebook group for extra support. Throughout the course you'll be able to download resources like my guides and handouts about information covered!

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Macro Calculation and Guide Bundle

Ready to track your macros but not ready for group coaching or 1:1 support? This option includes a customized macro calculation based on your goals and activity level and access to my 10 page Macro Tracking Guide to get your started. For more support, download my 3 day meal plans, too!

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