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Fuel and strengthen your body, for lasting results!

(Without restrictive diets or spending hours and hours at the gym each week)

Stronger, Healthier, You is as easy as ...


Download the app


Complete the workouts and challenges


See lasting results!

Stronger, Healthier, You is for Wellness Warriors who want:

  • To develop healthy habits that become effortless and enjoyable

  • Feel energized, strong, and confident in their body

  • To achieve and maintain a healthy weight without constant dieting or deprivation

All without:

  • Hopping on health/diet trends or fads

  • Taking on too many changes in your routine too quickly
  • Being overwhelmed with all of the information about what kinds of workouts and diets are the right ones

The truth is, most people try super restrictive, all-or-nothing approaches to fitness and nutrition and end up giving up.

You have tried doing workouts you see online, but are unsure if you're doing them correctly because you didn't get the same results

You've tried different diets that worked for people on social media, but as soon as you stopped following it your results disappeared.

You know you need to eat healthier, but don't want to give up cookies and don't know how to balance it all

You want to know what program to follow, but you're getting so much information and don't know where to start

But it's not your fault, I know you've tried

The reality is, without a realistic plan, you'll continue to start and stop without getting the results you want


Every workout and challenge helps you take small steps, that will stack up to big results

  •  Developing healthy habits that become effortless and enjoyable

  • Feel energized, strong, and confident in your own body

  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight without constant dieting or deprivation

Stronger, Healthier, You PR mockup_edite


  • Knowing exactly what workout to do and when, so you're confident in the gym (or at home)

  • Tackling one small nutrition challenge for the week, and still enjoying that glass of wine with dinner, guilt-free

  • Seeing an encouraging message from another member or your coach giving you the push you need to get your workout done that day

What if you could...

  • Not stress about whether you're following the right diet

  • Experience less frustration about not sticking to a diet and more confidence because the small steps are mapped out for you

  • Go from starting over again and again to results from following a realistic plan

I get it, because I've been there

I struggled with being overweight and unhappy in my body

I tried working out 6 days a week without getting the results I wanted

That's exactly why I created Stronger, Healthier, You

For wellness warriors just like you who want to:

  • Develop healthy habits that become effortless and enjoyable

  • Feel energized, strong, and confident in your own body

  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight without constant dieting or deprivation

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Nothing worked...

Until I worked with a trained professional who gave me a systematic workout program at my level

Once I learned about balanced nutrition so I could eat healthy foods and enjoy sweets

I was able to stick to a realistic plan and see consistent results!

I want the same for you

Fuel and strengthen your body for lasting results.

What others are saying ...

"Made making
progress easy"

 “Sam meets me where I’m at and cheers on even the small bits of progress. I’ve never felt like I was ‘bad’ at this, which I was worried about. She has made making progress easy and I almost enjoy working out.”   

 - Hannah Flack, School Counselor

"Healthier relationship with food and exercise"

 “Sam helped motivate me inside and outside of the gym. When I would have setbacks, she was always encouraging and supportive. Working with her helped me to continue to push towards my goal and develop a healthier relationship with food and exercise.”  

 - Stephanie Mitchell, Account Executive

What's Included:

Stronger, Healthier, You PR mockup_edited.png

A new strength training program each month ($75 value)

Stronger, Healthier, You PR mockup (2)_edited.png

Step by step instructions for each workout, including video examples ($37 value)

Stronger, Healthier, You PR mockup (4)_e

See all the factors of your progress in one place ($17 value)

Stronger, Healthier, You PR mockup (3)_e

Group chat access for tips and tricks for workouts and challenges ($397 value)

Stronger, Healthier, You PR mockup (3)_e

Weekly nutrition challenge ($37 value)

Stronger, Healthier, You PR mockup (4)_e

Access to private message me for encouragement and to get answers to questions ($897 value)

Plus this exclusive bonus

A calculation of your goal daily macros/calorie intake that's customized to your personal information and goals. You also get my Macro Tracking Guide which will walk you through how to get started with tracking your food intake. ($49 Value)

Macro Tracking Guide 10.15_edited.jpg
Macro Calculation and Macro Guide

Why should you trust me?

>> I don't just talk about building sustainable habits to achieve longterm results, I live this lifestyle myself. I have lost weight and kept it off for 4 years and can support you with reaching and maintaining your health and fitness goals.

>> I am a NASM certified Nutrition Coach. I have created this program using proven fitness and nutrition concepts and have helped people improve their diet over the last 3 years.

>> I am also a certified Personal Trainer, I have worked with many clients on improving their fitness and reach performance goals.

Stronger, Healthier, You PR mockup (2)_edited.png

Hey, I'm Sam

I'm a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who helps women reach their health and fitness goals.

I'm also a special education teacher, dog mom, and train clients in person in New Hampshire. So believe me when I say I understand trying to balance health and fitness goals with a busy schedule, having a social life, and work.

My favorite thing about this program is that it's manageable within your already busy life. I love helping people to figure out how they can have a healthy lifestyle while still being present with friends and family and being successful at work.

I'm all about taking small steps with fitness and nutrition that will add up to seeing big results. You will be able to build healthy habits, naturally and effortlessly.

I'm not going to tell you to go to the gym 6 days a week or cut out all sweets, because that's not realistic or sustainable long term. My approach is based on science, and meant to be something you can actually stick to long-term so you can see real results.

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