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Changes I Made to My Morning Routine to Start Each Day Strong

Let's be real, sometimes just getting out of bed is a win for the morning. I have found I need to workout before my school day because I will make excuses and not do it if I try to hit the gym after work. I had to rework my morning routine to make sure I was in the right mindset to get in a good workout and start the day on a positive note.

My old routine looked like this:

  1. Take the dogs out

  2. Pack my school bag

  3. Eat standing at the counter

  4. Grab my pre-packed gym bag and school bag and leave for the gym

I woke up as late as possible while still making it to the gym with enough time to complete my workout and be ready for school on time. But half the time I found that I had forgotten something, I felt rushed, and sometimes I wasn't as focused until part way through my workout because of all of that.

I knew that I wanted to set a goal of having water and breakfast before any coffee. I knew I had another personal goal of starting to journal regularly. I decided to wake up a little earlier (and go to bed a little earlier) to check off a few habits and start my workouts in the right head space.

Here's what my morning routine looks like now:

  1. Take the dogs out (still important lol)

  2. Pack my school bag

  3. Sit down with my first meal and add a full glass of water

  4. Journal

  5. Grab my things and leave for the gym

Subtle changes, but now I find that I check off a new habit I wanted to incorporate and I get more water in without changing much during my busy work day. I also have found that I feel more grounded to start the day, not rushed. I can really focus on my workout and I feel better by the time I get to work. Can you tweak your morning workout to start the day right?

Are you trying to incorporate new habits like improving your water intake? Check out my free habit tracker to get started!


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