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Essential Home Workout Equipment: What Do You Really Need?

I have multiple clients right now who do a combination of workouts at home and workouts with me in person at the gym. It's working great for them, but I know that some people are not local for the in-person workouts with me or just don't have access to a gym. Or maybe you just registered for my program (Stronger, Healthier, You) and want to know what you need to get started at home! In those situations, you need a few things to get be able to get a good workout at home.

I'm about to tell you the only things you ACTUALLY need to see progress with your home gym...


  1. Dumbbells (you can use resistance bands, but eventually you will want more of a challenge to continue building muscle)

  2. A mat (like a yoga mat)

That's it... really.

You want something weighted/that offers resistance for your strength exercise movements, and that's where the dumbbells or resistance bands come in. You can make some good progress with just resistance bands to start, but I have found for a lot of people that after a month or two they need more resistance to be challenged. There's only so many times you can increase reps at the same weight before you need to change it up! You can get a really good workout in even if you only have dumbbells that go up to 15 or 20lbs.

A mat is great for exercises where you need to lay on the floor, but even that isn't exactly required to get a good workout!

Bonus Item: Ok, so you've got the basics and you want to up your game a little... Get yourself a bench (most expensive), jump box, or step bench (least expensive). Then you can add in exercises like step ups, bench press that's not on the floor, elevated pushups, etc.

What do you have in your home gym?

If you have a home gym and want a workout program made for you, check out my program Stronger, Healthier, You.


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