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Unveiling the Inspiration Behind My New Membership Program: Stronger, Healthier, You

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I am an RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) warrior who discovered how to manage my symptoms and improve my overall health by changing my lifestyle. I worked with a coach to change my nutrition and start strength training with a purpose, and seeing how big of an impact it had on my life led me to pursue getting my Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer certifications through NASM.

I have been working with people both virtually and in person to provide nutrition guidance and workouts to help clients progress toward health and fitness goals.

Stronger, Healthier, You specifically was inspired by recent conversations with a variety of clients this fall and winter. They have tried to lose weight or do workouts before and as soon as life got busy, they stopped being consistent and seeing results. Or, they tried a super restrictive diet, which worked! Until they stopped following the diet because it was too difficult to maintain...

What's the solution for the everyday person who wants to be healthy and have a plan they can stick to, but in a realistic way? Start small!

I started taking the approach with clients to change one small thing and nail that, and then add another component. Clients were able to incorporate small changes over time that became habits and were easily incorporated into their lives. By the time they had increased their movement, improved their water intake, and made tweaks to their nutrition, they were seeing big results - but we had done it one step at a time!

Stronger, Healthier, You helps you to start slow build healthy habits around movement and nutrition naturally and effortlessly.


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