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How to Maintain Your Healthy Habits on the Weekends

I am the head coach of a varsity high school lacrosse team and we are now in week 3 of our season which means life is BUSY.

That means an uptick in my activity level and potentially stress, which can impact my RA symptoms if I'm not careful. So I decided to really prioritize my healthy habits this spring so I don't get sick or have a flare up while I'm trying to balance it all. For me, that meant really making sure I stay on track on the weekends in addition to having it together during the week.

Here are some things I have found helpful to prioritize staying on track on the weekends:

Plan Ahead - Map out your meals for the day while you have your morning coffee. That doesn't mean you have to eat the same exact way you did all week, you can still enjoy a meal out with friends or on a date, or partaking in brunch with the family (me on Easter). Just plug it into where you track meals and make the rest of your meals fit around it. Then you still hit your protein goals and can work it in for a sustainable way to stay on track.

Stay Active - Prioritize still hitting your step or activity goal each day, even if its by cleaning your house, walking your dog, or playing with kids. Your non-exercise movement plays a way bigger part in reaching those body composition goals than you realize, so spending an entire day on the couch can impact your total calorie expenditure for the week!

Stay Hydrated - Make sure you're still drinking enough water, especially if you're also indulging in alcohol.

Get Quality Sleep - You might not have to set an alarm (yay!), but make sure you still prioritize getting at least 7 hours so your body can rest and recover from your busy week.

Take Time To Relax/De-stress - Do things for yourself! Take time for family, read, journal, get outside, or whatever it is that helps you relax before you're back at it for the next week.

Let me know if I missed something that helps you still make progress towards your goals on the weekends!


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