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10 High Protein Snack Ideas

Did you know most people don’t get enough protein?


-fuels your body

-keeps you feeling full

-aids in fat loss

-and more!

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Do you have trouble hitting your protein goal for the day? The trick is to try to get protein at every meal, even your snacks! Here are some ideas for high protein snacks to help you reach your goal.

1. Built Bar (use code SWEAV10 at checkout for 10% off)

These are my favorite protein bar because they satisfy my sweet tooth and they're filling! With 15-19g of protein (depending which bar you get), they're a great source of quality protein.

2. Deli meat, laughing cow cheese, on a rice cake

I love me some rice cakes, especially the Everything flavored ones. Top them with a wedge of laughing cow cheese and some deli meat and you've got a high protein snack that will leave you satisfied until your next meal. The amount of protein will vary depending on your deli meat and how much, but to give you an idea one slice of turkey has about 4g of protein.

3. Greek yogurt with fruit

Greek yogurt naturally has protein, but they even make high protein versions now! 1 container of Chobani greek yogurt has about 12g of protein. Add some fruit and/or granola for a perfect midday snack.

4. Hard-boiled eggs with crackers/pretzels

1 egg has about 6g of protein. Pair 2 of those with some cut up veggies and crackers or pretzels and you have a macro balanced snack.

5. Tuna on crackers or rice cakes

One of those Tuna Creations packs has 15g of protein and they come in fun flavors. Put them on top of crackers or rice cakes for a filling and easy snack.

6. Cottage cheese

1 cup has about 25g of protein. Add some fruit and honey for a sweet treat.

7. Edamame

If you buy them in the pod, 1 cup has 6g of protein. Out of the pod, 1 cup has 16g of protein!

8. Protein shake

The protein intake will vary depending on what kind you use, but I like to pair it with a banana, an apple, or pour it over cereal for a quick, post-workout snack.

9. Make tuna or chicken salad with avocado instead of mayo

This is a meal prep friendly option, but you can get pulled chicken or tuna and mix it with mashed up avocado and add Everything But The Bagel seasoning for an easy high-protein snack.

10. Protein oatmeal

Another easy one to prep ahead of time - just add a scoop of protein powder to some oatmeal! You can also top with peanut butter and fruit from some extra flavor without all the sugar in the premade packets.


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