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Let's Talk About The Scale...

If you have worked with me (or another coach), or you've just had body composition goals, there's a very good chance you have gone a period of time where you have weighed yourself regularly. How many people have let that number on the scale completely ruin their mood at one time or another?

That number on the scale measures your body mass. It is a data point that easily tracked to see if your plan is working and if you are on track to get to your goals, but it isn't everything. Body composition is WAY more important, which is the proportion of fat, muscle, bone, and other tissues that make up your body mass. So just keep in mind, that number on the scale DOES NOT measure your health.

Another thing to keep in mind, weight fluctuations are completely normal, which is why I often have clients track their weight and look at the weekly average. There are A LOT of reasons your weight can fluctuate so we zoom out and look at patterns over time. Seeing that number go up randomly doesn't mean that you aren't making progress.

Tips for not letting that number on the scale ruin your day:

  • Remind yourself you didn't gain 5lbs overnight by eating too much yesterday and that weight fluctuations are completely normal

  • Focus on non-scale victories (how clothes fit, increased energy, better sleep, improved strength)

  • Track progress in other ways like with measurements or photos or a journal about how you feel day to day so you can see progress

  • Seek support (from a coach, from a friend, from a professional)


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